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Transhipment Process

Handling Agent in Singapore – For incoming air and sea shipments, upon notifications of arrival, Spedco Kaltim prepares all the necessary documents and payment as well as do the appropriate arrangement with all associated parties to expedite release of cargo from agents at airport / port.

After customs clearance, the cargo will be transported to the warehouse for temporary storage. Containerized cargo will undergo similar procedures. Upon trucking and unstuffing of the container, cargo will be stored in the warehouse before transshipment to the final destination.

Forwarder - Based on the instruction of the client, the cargo from overseas will be either air freighted or sea freighted to Balikpapan. Spedco Kaltim prepares all necessary document and arrange to get the cargo on the way as soon as possible. In addition, we provide warehouse facilities for storage, transportation, forklift, packing material, labor, and other equipment, when needed. Upon reaching Indonesia (Balikpapan), cargo will be cleared and delivered in the shortest time as possible.

  • For an illustration on a typical transshipment by air: Click Here
  • For an illustration on a typical transshipment by sea: Click Here

Incoming Shipment by Air Freight


Incoming Shipment by Sea Freight